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Ono one One with the Pro is a tutoring service designed for any person that wants to learn more about photography.

If you already have camera but want to learn more about your camera, as well as learning to use your flash and other accessaries

you may have then that is what you will be tutored on ! Classes with more than one person just does not give you the detailed information you want.

Everyone is at a different place in their learning and when your put into a class, others in that class like you may not have tha same needs. My One on One

tutoring you will have my undivided attention and learn what you want ! It just you & me with my 30 years of Professional experience for you to learn what you

want ! So whether you want to learn more about your camera, flash or you want to start to learn people portrait photography whether it be Children, Families, Weddings,

Fashion etc. you decide what it is you need help with and thats what you will learn !

My hourly tutoring fee is $15.00 an hour. You decide how much tutoring you need as you are not locked into any set amount of time ! So if you want to learn more about

Posing people, groups etc. or you want to learn about Lighting, natural or with fill flash, we together will get you the tutoring you want for your needs !

Please feel to contact me for more information and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about my tutoring services. There is no better way

for you to learn than with someone with experience One on One !

" Knowledge breeds Confidence "

I have the knowledge from years of experience and together I will tutor you so you will gain the Confidence !

I am a full service studio with over 900 square feet of studio space to utilize while you learn.

Sincerely, John Fulton

phone : 419-884-0099 ~ Email : PhotobyJohn@aol.com






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